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Reunions - Planning & Exhibits

One of the first steps in planning a family reunion is to allow time to get your family history into good shape. You will want to display attractive charts as well as have stories, booklets, photographs, and other family information that you can copy and share.

If you do not have your family history to the point you want, Janna and Daniela can help you with the research. Allow enough time for this as you can't expect to have your entire genealogy researched in a few hours. Decide what you want to know and click the HelpMe button to discuss it with us.

Do you want us to find information about your great-grandparents or your great-greats?

Do you want us to prepare a four generation family history? Five generations?

Do you want to find information about your ancestor's Civil War or Revolutionary War service?

Can we locate for you a copy of your grandparent's marriage certificate?

You can discuss with us your objectives for the family reunion display. We can give you suggestions about our products and how they might be exhibited.

If you have completed the research yourself, let Janna and Daniela take your information and produce a large framable pedigree chart.

Here is a picture of Janna with a six generation pedigree chart she made for her last family reunion.

We can also create a display board with pictures and stories that you can set up at your reunion. Short family history booklets or family group sheets to be shared with others can be displayed on a table.


Go to the Presentation Books section of our website to see examples of books we can make for you to take to your next reunion.