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Genealogy One-on-One offers a wide range of services. Janna and Daniela will personally help you. You can do the research yourself with our guidance, or we can do it for you. We strive to educate those interested in learning about genealogy. We are professionals who adhere to high standards in our work and can teach you to do the same. Our charges are reasonable. You may use your credit card or checking account to send payments via PayPal or by snail mail. Our convenient Help Me! links found throughout the site will open a form that will allow you to pose questions or make requests. Whether you are a novice or an experienced genealogist, we will be happy to help you compile your family history. We’d be glad to:

  • Answer questions
  • Find sources
  • Obtain documents
  • Evaluate evidence
  • Work on your problem ancestor
  • Help you collect proofs (eg: for admission to a lineage society)
  • Compile whole genealogies
  • Lecture to a group

Our website offers step-by-step instructions to get you started. We introduce you to the major record types, show you how to locate and obtain the documents you need, and explain how to preserve and share your information with family and others. And whenever you need personal assistance we’re here to help you at any point along the way.

Our web site also includes pages of special interest to

Lectures and Classes

We are experienced lecturers and have a wide range of topics to choose from. For a list of Janna’s lectures, please visit:

  • Introduction to genealogy
  • Fundamentals
  • Research techniques
  • Other popular topics

Our Fees

Our standard rate is $50/hour plus expenses and our minimum charge is $25. We give $10 off on the first full hour to first time customers. Just ask for it when you send in your request. We charge in fifteen minute increments and will refund excess amounts. Expenses may include, but are not limited to, costs of photocopies, fees charged by civil authorities for records and film orders placed on your behalf, travel and parking fees when necessary. The more specific your question, the faster and easier it will be for us to answer.

We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee that a particular record or set of records exists.

If the records don’t exist, we can’t solve the customer’s problem.  Records grow scarce and less detailed as you go back in time.  Courthouses may have been burned.  Borders of counties and states fluctuate.  Many records have not been filmed, much less published, indexed or digitized.  Spellings were not codified.  A problem may require searching many documents from many locations and take days, weeks, or more, and perhaps travel.  Writing a comprehensive summary report may take hours as well. 

In spite of these issues, be assured that we will give full attention to your request and if the records are out there, we will do our best to find them!  We have decades of experience locating difficult records and will keep you posted all along the way in finding what you need.

When presented with complicated questions or projects, we cannot predict in advance the time needed to find information. In that case, we may charge a retaining fee, keeping our customer informed with progress reports. When the authorized maximum is reached, we will seek authorization to continue.


Disclaimers & Liabilities

Because the information we are seeking is from past generations, it may not have survived. We may search and search but it may not be there! Old photographs and letters from your Civil War ancestor may have been lost or destroyed by descendants who found them of no value. Courthouses may have burned or been flooded taking existing records with them. Court costs may have been so high that your ancestor didn’t bother to register their deeds, etc. Old hometown newspapers may not have survived. Documents that were once there may have been removed and put into public collections by unscrupulous people. Maybe the document never existed. Was your family too far from a courthouse to register all births or deaths?  Your ancestor may not have written a will. Perhaps your family was on the move and not counted on the census.

Some times information found in public records is inaccurate. An ancestor may have lied about his age to get out of the draft. A census taker may have assumed a youngster in the family was another child of the parents, rather than a grandchild. A widow may have given incorrect birthplace information for her husband's death certificate. We cannot be held liable for incorrect conclusions based on the originator's motive to deceive.

Our time to search for these documents is the same even if nothing is found. A professional genealogist is, therefore, paid for his or her time, not the number of documents produced. A written report will be submitted when we do brick wall analysis or in-depth genealogy. The reports show what repositories, libraries, archives, or databases were searched, how they were searched, and the results of the search, and suggestions for further searches, if appropriate.

Genealogy One-on-One, states that under no circumstances will Genealogy One-on-One be liable to any person or business entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages caused by the information we provide or fail to provide,  or by any other website to which this site is linked (a “third-party site”).

Unless otherwise stated all the contents of this website are owned and under the copyright and protection of Genealogy One-on-One. Except as provided below, reproduction of any of the content is prohibited.

Genealogy One-on-One will hold all requests from clients and results of research in confidence as long as it does not compromise our ethical standards. Standards are set by the Association of Professional Genealogists [http://www.apgen.org/ethics/index.html], to which we belong and the Board for Certification of Genealogists [http://www.bcgcertification.org/aboutbcg/code.html]. If information can be found in public records, or if the facts are or can be known by others, or can be rightfully obtained from another nonconfidential source, then confidentiality can not be assured.

If some aspect of the findings can be useful to others in training or teaching mode, or in published form, Genealogy One-on-One reserves the right to use such material.

Viewers of this website may download or print any part of this website for solely personal use. However, none of the contents of this website may be reproduced, redistributed, incorporated into, or stored on any media (hard copy or electronic) for commercial or other monetary purposes without the expressed prior written permission of Genealogy One-on-One.

The content of all hypertext linked sites (a “third-party site”) is under the copyright and protection of those websites and permission from those sites for reproduction of any kind regarding those sites should be obtained directly from them.

As members of the Association of Professional Genealogists, we use the APG standards.

See APG Standards


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