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Pay for Service

If you wish to pay electronically, click on the minutes or hours of time you would like us to research for you. You will then be taken to our secure checkout screen. Here you can pay using your credit or debit card; or if you wish, you can set up an account through PayPal. If you are a new user, you may generate an account with us by creating a login and filling in the shipping and billing information. Then, the next time you require our services, use the Express Checkout and your shipping and billing information will be filled in automatically. If you don't want to memorize a login, you can create a new login every time you visit.
The services of Genealogy One-on-One are available on a pre-paid basis only. To receive a service estimate, without obligation, simply click on the HELP REQUEST button and describe the assistance you require. We will respond ASAP (usually within four to five working days). Service estimates are based on our standard rate of $50.00 per hour and $25.00 per half hour. At the close of the project, unused portions of pre-paid fees will be promptly refunded.
You may authorize any amount to cover research time. For orders that are MORE THAN THREE HOURS, i.e., for a commission of $525 which would be for 10 and a half hours of work, select 60 minutes of time with a quantity of 10 plus 30 minutes of work time. The calculation goes for any commission, choose a times and select the quantity to equal the number of hours you wish us to devote to your project. If you wish to commission an amount other than the screen choices, contact janna@genealogyone-on-one.com.

For your convenience we accept all forms of online payments, including credit-debit cards and electronic checks via PayPal. In addition, checks may be remitted via the US Postal Service to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

In genealogy there are no guarantees. We may find that no records exist for the person, place, or event you are looking for.
Just be assured that we will give your request full attention and if the record is out there, we will do our best to find it!



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