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Genealogy One-on-One will be glad to answer any query you submit.  The initial discussion will be at no charge to you.  Once a project is defined, and we agree to embark on research, then we will charge in fifteen minute increments, at the rate of $50/hour.  The first hour for a new client will be at a reduced price of $40/hour.  The more information you supply, the quicker we can find the information you need. If all you have is a family tradition, please let us know and we'll take that into account. If your source is a document, i.e. baptismal records, obituary, etc., it will be helpful for us to know what it is. Check your query for completeness and accuracy, then click "Submit Form."

We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

At your request, reports will be printed on archival acid-free paper so the family history report can endure as it is passed on through generations.

Help with a difficult problem or in-depth service may require a written contract.

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In genealogy there are no guarantees. We may find that no records exist for the person, place, or event you are looking for.
Just be assured that we will give your request full attention and if the record is out there, we will do our best to find it!

Genealogy One-on-One P.O. Box 54142, Phoenix, AZ 85078-4142