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Testimonials from Our Clients

         “Janna it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  You have provided

          information that has changed my life.  I really believe that.  All of this has enriched

          my life and brought me much joy and appreciation for my place in a very long

          lineage that most people will never know.”

Judy S., Upstate New York, Dover, England



“I can't believe all the material you compiled and how thorough you are.  Thank you so much, Janna.  I have not had time yet to play the disc but I pretty much studied the rest of the stuff.  Also, I do not believe you have charged me enough!”

                J.S., Sun City West, AZ and Pearl City, IL


“Thank you for the help you gave me on my genealogy. While I did have quite a few things you found, I was never able to piece them together quite like you did. You also uncovered several leads for me that I may now pursue. I have realized that there is no quick and easy way to do this genealogy, but it only comes from persistent effort and looking at clues and evidence in a new way. I appreciate your insight, and it has given me new impetus to tackle my problem. ” 

G.W., Tempe, AZ


“Thorough research builds her case. She [Janna] speaks so that even the beginner can follow the steps, the reasoning, the "what's next." She has the ability to "suss out" rare documents and little known sources to solve the problem.”

J.F. of Mesa, AZ


"Daniela, I was thrilled with the thorough and professional help you gave me. I will certainly recommend you to my friends."

J.P., Glendale, AZ


“Very professional report, I am impressed.”

J. M., Phoenix, AZ


“. . . a reasonable price for great service.”

P.F., Northridge, CA


"After the session, most of us wished we could take Janna home with us to help us organize all our own research better. Janna made us feel like we COULD get organized and make better genealogical progress in doing so. It's always worthwhile attending Janna's lectures as a day spent learning from her is a day well spent. Thank you."

H.G, Phoenix, AZ