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How to Get Started
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Genealogy One-on-One is dedicated to serving those of you who are interested in genealogy and family history but have no training in genealogical research. We will provide you with a broad set of tools to discover the information that makes your family history come alive. We will help you answer these universal and eternal questions: Who am I?  Where did I come from?  How do I relate to others?

In simplest terms, genealogy is about:

Who they were (names)

What events shaped their lives (birth, marriage, divorce, military, immigration, purchase of land, employment, memberships, awards, death)

When they lived (dates)

Where they lived (places)

By answering these basic questions, who, what, when, and where, you will be on the road to building your genealogy, often called "family history." 


Let’s begin with some definitions of a few kinds of charts:

Moving back in time - showing ancestors:

Pedigree Chart – This is where beginners want to start. A pedigree shows all direct ancestors for a person who is #1 on the chart. It does not include the children, the aunts, uncles, or cousins. A pedigree moves backward in time.

Lineage Chart – one line, or lineage is shown on this chart. For example, it could be the lineage back to a Revolutionary War soldier or to a passenger on the Mayflower. As the lineage moves back in time, it may shift from a paternal to a maternal line as it weaves back to a particular person. 

Moving forward in time - showing descendents:

Descendancy Chart – as opposed to a Pedigree Chart, descendancy moves forward in time starting with someone in the past. If you are just starting your genealogy, it is recommended that you begin your genealogy with yourself and move back in time - so, a descendancy chart is for advanced researchers. After you have identified your direct lines on your pedigree chart, you may want to select a couple and make a complete record of all their descendants moving forward in time.

The first step is to create a pedigree chart. This chart will be the roadmap to your research and show you at a glance what you know about your ancestors and what you still need to find out. The chart is something that you can copy and share with your relatives to inspire them to help you in gathering your family’s history. Click here for a blank pedigree chart. Follow these three easy steps to get started.