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Records for Foreign Countries

Because the LDS Church has filmed so many records at sites overseas, genealogy in those places can be efficiently done at LDS libraries in the United States.  In fact, it may be easier to do the research here, because all the records are in one convenient place, rather than scattered in various repositories through out Europe, South America, Canada, or wherever your ancestors lived.   Janna has successfully traced her Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, German, and English ancestors all from the comfort of an air-conditioned library in Arizona. 

We will be glad to check the condition of the microfilm records to see if we can work with them. If we cannot do the work ourselves, we may refer you to an expert in the language of the records. If the records you need have not yet been microfilmed and correspondence in a foreign language is necessary, or the translation of complex documents is involved, we may again refer you to an expert.

If you do not know the name of your ancestral village, see our section on Immigration and Naturalization.

Help Me!  Determine whether records for my village overseas have been filmed.

Help Me!  I am planning a trip to Ireland and want to see the original records. Can you work on my Irish line and tell me where the records might be?

Help Me!  I cannot read Italian. Please translate this.

Help Me!  The immigration record says they were from Plzen in Zapadocesky (or any other place).  Where is that located and have any records been microfilmed and for what years?