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Court Records

Court records come in a myriad of types. We have always been a litigious country, and genealogical gems can often be found lurking in the records. It takes a little skill to wade through the court system and you may need help. Court records include items as diverse as naturalization, criminal acts, land disputes, raising money for the poor, probate, church attendance, taxation, licensing, building roads, setting moral standards, libel, property damage, defense, guardianship, lunacy, adoption, courts martial, and debts.

Determining the proper court can be tricky. There are city, county, district, circuit, state, and federal courts. There are criminal and equity, inferior, common and superior courts. Some have strange names like surrogate, ordinary, exchequer, assize, prothonotary, chancery, and admiralty. The different names are due to the locations and time periods of the courts; for example, names of courts in New England may differ from the ones in Louisiana.

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